transformational leadership in nursing

By | May 13, 2022

transformational leadership in nursing

transformational leadership in nursing

transformational leadership in nursing

Transformational leadership in nursing

  • Transformational leadership is a management style that encourages people to take responsibility for their work and go above and beyond. Transformational leadership teaches individuals how to think rather than merely doing what they are told, rather than giving tasks from the top. Transformational leaders are inspiring and can inspire their teams to develop new ways to achieve their objectives.
  • They have the ability to organize people into workable groups, improving a group’s well-being, morale, and motivation through great relations. These leaders are also skilled at resolving conflicts. They are known as quiet leaders because they lead by example.
  • Today’s healthcare leaders must constantly exceed high expectations while also adjusting to change. Magnet hospitals prefer transformational leadership, which has been proved to elevate entire teams to a greater level of performance.

Characteristics of a Transformational Leader in Nursing

  1. Is a model of integrity and fairness
  2. Sets clear goals
  3. Has high expectations
  4. Encourages others
  5. Provides support and recognition
  6. Stirs people’s emotions
  7. Gets people to look beyond self-interest
  8. Inspires people

Transactional leadership tactics have long been utilized in healthcare institutions, which are notoriously bureaucratic. Although transactional leadership can assist businesses in meeting their short-term objectives, it will not give the motivation needed to establish and maintain a new culture in healthcare.

Transformational leaders specialize in:

  1. Working to change the system
  2. Solving challenges by finding experiences that show that old patterns do not fit or work
  3. Wanting to know what has to change
  4. Maximizing their teams’ capability and capacity

Transformational leadership  – Brief History

  • A political scientist and historian named James MacGregor Burns created a leadership theory called transformational leadership in 1978. Burns studied the leadership styles of historical individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy.
  • Transformational leadership, according to Burns, occurs when “two or more persons engage with others in such a way that the leader and followers raise one another to high levels of motivation and morality.” This approach was different from prior leadership styles like transactional leadership in that it argued that addressing the needs of followers was critical to obtaining great work performance.

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