Taung Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2023-2024

By | November 24, 2021

Taung Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2023-2024

Taung Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2023-2024

Taung Community Hospital Nursing School Application

About Taung Community Hospital Nursing School

Taung Community Hospital Nursing School has over the years produced excellent nurses for the world. The academic prowess of the school is unmatched. Teaching and learning in the school are done meticulously to ensure the success of the students.

Courses offered at Taung Community Hospital Nursing School

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Midwifery: R174
    Diploma in Nursing (Staff Nurse): R171
  • Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing: R169
  • Advanced Diploma in Midwifery: R786
  • Post Basic/ Registration Diplomas: (R212)
  • Child Nursing Science
  • Community Nursing Science
  • Clinical Assessment, Treatment, and Care
  • Critical Nursing Science
  • Operating Nursing Science
  • Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Care
  • Orthopaedic Nursing Science
  • Ophthalmic Nursing Science
  • One Year Midwifery Nursing Science

Entry Requirements to Taung Community Hospital Nursing School

For admission to higher certificate or diploma programs, prospective students must achieve the legislative minimum standards, which are based on the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or analogous school leaving certificate, as well as the candidate’s educational certificate.

  • Provisional admission will be based on levels/symbols obtained in Grade 12 June/September tests or documentation that study leave is being processed by the existing job. The applicant’s final Grade 12 grades, confirmation that the application has been granted study leave by the employer, and that the applicant has not reached the pensionable age (55-60) applicable to all college students will be considered to make the final decision to enroll.
  • All specialized programs have their own set of criteria. The Admission Point System (APS) is used to assign point values to NSC or similar subjects:

Admission Point System

  • A certified copy of page one of your identity document/card (within the last three (3) months)
  • A certified copy of your National Senior Certificate or similar qualification, remaining in Grade 12, with marks acquired at the end of Grade 11 and your most recent Grade 12 marks, must be submitted (less than three (3) months old).
  • An actual Academic Record and a Certificate of Conduct must be included with the application form if you attended any higher education institution.
  • Submit certified copies of certificates, diplomas, and degrees obtained previously (within the last three (3) months).
  • If the name on the National Senior Certificate or comparable qualification differs from the name on the national identity document and the application form, proof of the difference must be provided. When the ID number is different, the same rules apply.
  • Affidavit or proof of residence

How to apply to Taung Community Hospital Nursing School

  • Go to
  • Proof of Registration Fee Payment (compulsory for SA and International applicants)
  • A copy of your photo ID that has been certified (ID document is required for South African nationals; your application will not be processed until you provide a certified copy of your ID and your passport number for international applicants).
  • Exam Results: Grade 12 Final Grades (if available). If you are currently in grade 12, your grades from grade 11 are extremely important to your application. As a result, keep it under your control.
  • Keep in mind that you’ll need a unique email address when applying online or via mail.

If you are unable to apply online, you may print and mail your application.

Contact Details of Taung Community Hospital Nursing School

Telephone +27 53 994 8100
Address Stand 2936 Taung Provincial Hospital, Magistrate Road, Taung, 8584
Location Taung, Greater Taung Local Municipality, North West, South Africa

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