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  • An STNA is a medical professional or nurse assistant who provides patient care in conjunction with other healthcare professionals. Some people may not be familiar with the term STNA, which refers to a person who has passed a state-mandated test to work as a nurse aide in Ohio. STNA, CNA, NA, and LNA are all acronyms for the same thing. The state in which the worker works is what decides the title.
  • In states like Delaware, Florida, and Maine, for example, the CNA title is used, whereas, in New Jersey and Connecticut, the NA title is used. State-Tested Nurse Assistants or State Tested Nursing Aides are the terms used in Ohio. Ohio is the only state that uses this abbreviation for its nurse.

What Are the Prerequisites for Becoming an STNA?

  • STNAs, like other healthcare professionals, must be certified before they may work as nursing assistants. You must meet the following qualifications to become a State Tested Nursing Assistant. STNA classes, which are available in technical schools, hospitals, and even the Red Cross, are required for candidates.
  • The Nurse Aide Training Competency Evaluation Program must be completed by candidates (NATCEP). There are 75 hours of instruction in this program, with 59 hours in a classroom and 16 hours at a long-term care facility. Candidates will earn a Certificate of Completion from the Ohio Department of Health at the conclusion of this program.
  • Candidates must pass the STNA certification exam, which consists of 79 multiple-choice questions. Successful candidates can then register as a State Tested Nursing Assistant with the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry.

What Are an STNA’s Typical Responsibilities?
An STNA is a person who provides a variety of support services. An STNA’s tasks include the following:

  • Monitoring patients.
  • Changing patient’s bedding.
  • Helping patients move around.
  • Aiding patients with their meals which includes feeding them.
  • Monitoring patient vitals.
  • Bathing and grooming patients.
  • Aiding nurses and doctors to set up for medical procedures and assisting them with it.
  • Cleaning and dressing patients’ wounds.

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