Sentara College of Health Sciences Application 2023-2024

By | March 8, 2022

Sentara College of Health Sciences Application 2023-2024

Sentara College of Health Sciences Application 2023-2024

Sentara College of Health Sciences Application

About Sentara College of Health Sciences

  • Sentara College of Health Sciences, which began as Norfolk’s first nursing program, has expanded and advanced during its 127-year history to provide students with the best in healthcare education. Sentara Healthcare’s affiliation with the College allows our students to learn from world-class clinicians in world-class facilities. Sentara College now provides online learning opportunities to a diverse student community and introduces them to cutting-edge healthcare technologies.
  • Sentara College combines a strong commitment to student success with cutting-edge tools and technologies to create a learning environment that is both traditional and cutting-edge in healthcare.

Sentara College of Health Sciences Courses 




Admission requirements

Each program mentioned above has specific entry requirements. Follow this link to read the specific requirements

Approach to learning

  • Sentara College of Health Sciences is a cutting-edge college that values a blended approach to teaching and learning. Hybrid learning enables students to take charge of their education by allowing them to study independently online while still participating in traditional classroom discussions and clinical activities. Students get access to high-quality education and resources through our online distance education classes, with increased flexibility for working professionals.
  • As a student, you’ll have access to Sentara Healthcare’s top-rated, cutting-edge facilities, as well as doctors and mentors who are at the forefront of their industries. You will have the chance to create the professional experience that will support a long and successful career through our certificate programs, degree-granting programs, and hours of unrivaled clinical experience.

How to apply

  • Access the application forms here
  • Complete the form completely.
  • You will receive instructions for paying the $85 application processing fee once your application has been submitted. This cost must be paid before your application may be completed.
  • We’re happy to answer any queries you may have. Send an email to or call 757-388-2900 for further information.

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Sentara College of Health Sciences Application 2023-2024

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