Provo College Application 2023-2024

By | March 3, 2022

Provo College Application 2023-2024

Provo College Application 2023-2024

Provo College Application

About Provo College


The Provo College Group is known for giving power to students and associates by teaching cutting-edge, competency-based education, leadership, and personal effectiveness skills to have the career and life they desire.


We are caring professionals who empower individuals to achieve personal excellence through student-centered, market-driven education. This mission is further defined by:

What nursing graduates are trained in;

  • Delivering quality, career-related education that generates competent graduates qualified for entry-level positions in their chosen professions is
  • Professionalism and confidence can be developed through career-related education.
  • Provide a good working environment with ethical and moral conduct norms.

Provo College Programs

BSC Nursing

  • Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program will prepare you for a productive and fulfilling nursing career. Not only do BSN-trained registered nurses have more employment options with higher compensation, but successful BSN graduates can also progress their nursing careers by taking the NCLEX-RN licensure exam.
  • Because our hybrid BSN curriculum includes multiple online nursing courses, our program is well recognized by busy parents and working adults for its convenient scheduling. You can work in a variety of healthcare settings with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, including long-term care, complex and critical care, school nursing, home health, and community health nursing. Start your career journey at Provo College by enrolling today.

Physical Therapist Assistant Program

  • As a Physical Therapist Assistant, you’ll assist clients in getting back on their feet.
    Consider a career as a physical therapist assistant if you want to help people regain their strength and mobility, especially when they have injuries, ailments, or disabilities (PTA). With your associate degree from Provo College, you may confidently begin your career as a physical therapist assistant.
  • Our PTA program will provide you the skills you need to succeed in this in-demand career in as short as 21 months. To assist our students and staff during the COVID-19 epidemic, we are now offering some classes online or in a hybrid style.

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Provo College Application 2023-2024

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