nursing home week 2022

By | May 12, 2022

nursing home week 2022

nursing home week 2022

nursing home week 2022

Nursing home week

May 8-14 is National Nursing Home Week. Fun and unique themes are a terrific way to celebrate. Here are some theme suggestions for your week’s festivities:

Nursing home week 2022 


Western: Supply residents with bandanas to attend a chuck wagon lunch or encourage residents to assemble wooden wagons with craft sticks and connectors.

Hawaiian Luau: Assist residents with making their own leis to wear when you teach them how to hula dance or invite residents to make their own sand art.

Gentleman’s Club: Host a pub-like atmosphere for the men to socialize with one another while playing darts or talking about class male topics.

Old Hollywood: Invite residents to get gussied up for a fun movie premiere in your facility or to play a movie trivia game.

Ocean Liner: Have fun as you invite residents to assemble wooden vessels or encourage them to play shuffleboard on the Lido Deck.

Arabian Nights: Add scarves to your Exercise Class to improve residents’ hand-eye coordination, or showcase beautiful Arabian horses during a Documentary Night.

Prom: Teach your residents all the latest dance moves or recruit them to help you decorate for your big springtime dance.

Black & White:. Encourage residents to dress in black and white as you provide fun events that relate to the theme, like a Dominoes Tournament or a Black & White Happy Hour.

College Days: Invite residents to wear their Alma Mater’s logos as you schedule interesting classes that they can take during the day, like European History or Horticultural 101.

Tailgating/Sports: Organize team competitions throughout the day that get your residents active, like a basketball game or a tennis match.

Casino: Teach residents new card games or encourage them to play the ones that you know they know and love.

Carnival: Set up a fun atmosphere as you invite residents to try their luck at playing carnival games and winning prizes.

Campfire: Take residents back to their summer camping days by inviting them to make camp crafts or to simply learn how to make s’mores.

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