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nurseslabs is a nursing education and lifestyle website aimed at providing information to student nurses and registered nurses to assist them to advance in their careers. The site deals with a variety of nursing topics including nursing care plans.

What is a nursing care plan?

  • A nursing care plan (NCP) is a structured method for identifying current requirements and recognizing possible needs or dangers. Nurses, their patients, and other healthcare providers communicate through care plans to achieve desired health results. The quality and consistency of patient care would suffer if the nursing care planning procedure was not in place.
  • Nursing care planning begins when the client is admitted to the agency and is updated on a regular basis as the client’s condition changes and goal achievement is assessed. The foundation for quality in nursing practice is the planning and delivery of personalized or patient-centered care.

Nursing Care Plan Types

  • There are two types of care plans: informal and formal. An informal nursing care plan is a mental strategy for the nurse to follow. A formal nursing care plan is a written or electronic document that organizes the information about the client’s care.
  • Standardized care plans and personalized care plans are two types of formal care plans: Nursing care for groups of clients with common requirements is specified in standardized care plans. Individualized care plans are created to fulfill a client’s special demands, as well as needs that aren’t met by a typical care plan.

The goals and objectives of establishing a nursing care plan are as follows:

  • Promote evidence-based nursing care in hospitals and health centers, as well as make the environment pleasant and familiar.
  • Support holistic treatment, which considers the full individual, including their physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being, when it comes to disease management and prevention.
  • Create initiatives such as care routes and packages of services. Care paths entail a collaborative effort to reach a consensus on standards of care and expected outcomes, whereas care bundles are based on best practices for treating a specific disease.
  • Goals and expected outcomes can be identified and distinguished.
  • Examine the care plan’s communication and documentation.
  • Nursing care can be measured.

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