nurses inspire nurses

By | May 11, 2022

nurses inspire nurses

nurses inspire nurses

nurses inspire nurses

Nurses inspire nurses

  • Cat had worked as a pediatric nurse for seven years and knew what it was like to be fatigued and alone. She was aware that she was not alone, and that many of her coworkers shared her feelings.
  • Nurses Inspire Nurses was founded to support nurses as people first, and nurses second.
  • Cat and the team have helped tens of thousands of nurses go from tired and alone to thrill, appreciated, and encouraged over the last three years.
  • Nurses Inspire Nurses has grown to a seven-figure business through community, merch, events, and an unlimited amount of fun, gaining national media attention, including a Forbes story.
  • We operate as a company to assist nurses as people first, nurses second.
    Our desire to let nurses know they are seen and cherished led to the creation of Inspire A Nurse. Nurses are healers and helpers, and while they find delight and purpose in assisting others, they also require assistance.
  • It is our ambition to work with firms that want to give back to nurses by assisting us in inspiring and uplifting them through this initiative.
  • We’re ecstatic to have Trusted Health on board as an Inspire A Nurse partner.
  • Trusted Health is assisting nurses in creating the lives they desire. Trusted connects fellow clinicians online and in-person through community forums and events, as well as offering nurse-led support from a dedicated Care Team, blog resources, and thorough guidelines.

Nurses inspire nurses – Events

Nurse giveback night

  • Every year, we throw a party to honor nurses and all of the hard work they perform on a daily basis. Nurse Giveback Night is the name of the event.
  • Inspiration Land is our theme this year, a night to escape and imagine. Think massive swag bags, a silent disco, cocktails, live printing by SMPLFD (our screen printer), food trucks, cotton candy machines, and so much more! Katie Duke will be our VIP visitor, and there will be a special Bad Decisions Lounge for you to visit!
  • We’re really looking forward to this event on July 18th, 2022.

Nurses inspire nurse

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