Mnambithi TVET College Nsfas Application 2023-2024

By | November 14, 2021

Mnambithi TVET College Nsfas Application 2023-2024

Mnambithi TVET College Nsfas Application 2023-2024

Mnambithi TVET College Nsfas Application


Bursaries from the Department of Higher Education and Training are available to students who meet the criteria for National Certificate Vocational courses and Report 191 (NATED or ‘N’) courses at public TVET Colleges. These aren’t loans; they’re bursaries. The National Student Financial Aid Service is in charge of administering the bursaries (NSFAS). Other bursaries may be offered, though they will differ by college. Prospective students should inquire about bursaries available for the courses they wish to pursue at the college where they intend to enroll.

The NSFAS administers Department of Higher Education and Training, TVET College bursaries, which are widely available but subject to two crucial criteria. The prospective student will be asked to take a ‘means test,’ which will reveal whether or not the student truly requires financial support, as well as whether or not the student has a decent academic record. Interested students should contact their nearest public TVET College if they believe they match these requirements. The application forms will be provided by the college, and the application process will be overseen by the college.

Requirement of the NSFAS

Applicants must be nationals of South Africa.
Be enrolled in or planning to enroll in the NCV or NATED (Report 191) programs.
A person who requires financial assistance.
Students who have excelled academically but require financial assistance.

Nsfas funding covers the following:

  • Registration
  • Tuition
  • Food
  • Accommodation or transport
  • Learning material
  • Personal care

Kindly follow this link to read more about Mnambithi TVET College Nsfas Application

Required Documents for Application

  • Authorized copies of Identity Document
  • Original Academic Results Latest
  • Proof of parent’s income
  • Proof of Death Certificate
  • Doctor’s Certificate

Application Guidance:

-Please visit the NSFAS website at or go to for further information.

-For assistance, you can go to any Buffalo City TVET College Campus — Student Support Service.

-Please make sure you have the following documentation in electronic format (verified within the last three months):

A birth certificate or your South African ID ( if you do not have a green bar-coded ID or smart ID card)
— Identification of parents and/or guardians, as well as a death certificate if applicable. Pay stubs/letters of employment/pension stubs stating income of parents and/or guardians (SASSA slips are not necessary and SASSA should not be included as a source of income)

-Please download and complete the CONSENT FORM with your parent(s) or guardian(s) – this must be attached to your Application form – see the flip-side for details.

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