HORTGRO Bursaries Application 2023-2024

By | December 23, 2021

HORTGRO Bursaries Application 2023-2024

HORTGRO Bursaries Application 2023-2024

HORTGRO Bursaries Application

About HORTGRO Bursaries

  • Hortgro’s undergraduate bursary program now includes 16 students enrolled at Stellenbosch University, Northwest University, University of the Free State, Potchefstroom College of Agriculture, and Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute.
  • The majority of these students come from previously underprivileged backgrounds, with young women accounting for 75 percent of our pupils.

Our History

The Dutch East India Company established the Cape of Good Hope as a refreshment outpost for its passing ships in the spring of 1652. To supply ships with fresh fruit, deciduous fruit trees were planted. Wittewijn Appels, the Cape’s first two ripe apples, were collected on April 17, 1662. Pears and stone fruit were next. Small farmers gradually began experimenting with various top fruit crops and selling their harvest to passing ships.

Percy Molteno “started” the South African fruit export sector in 1892 when he successfully exported a small shipment of peaches to the United Kingdom and sold them at Covent Garden Market. Following that, the fruit export sector exploded, with more than 22 000 fruit packets being exported by 1903.

Timelines for fresh applications

Bursary applications from May 15 and end on August 15.

The bursary will cover the following

  • Tuition fees (up to a limited amount),
  • Accommodation on tertiary campus and prescribed books (up to a limited amount). Bursaries will be renewed each year based on satisfactory academic performance.

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Bursaries will be awarded within the following fields of study:

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Biochemistry
  • Entomology and Nematology
  • Genetics
  • Horticulture
  • Microbiology
  • Plant Pathology
  • Research and Technical
  • Soil/ Water Science

How to apply for HORTGRO Bursaries

Follow this link to apply: HORTGRO Bursary Application Form (.pdf)

Send all completed forms and all required attachments to HORTGRO, PO Box 163 Paarl 7620, or deliver to 258 Main Road, Paarl 7646.

Contact details of HORTGRO Bursaries


+27 (0)21 870 2900


(888) 755-7585



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