general nursing

By | May 9, 2022

general nursing

general nursing

general nursing

General nursing

  • RNs and LPNs are the two types of general nurses. As an LPN, your responsibilities may include bathing and clothing patients, administering doctor-ordered medicine and treatments, collecting fluid samples, and monitoring your patients’ overall health. Recording vital signs, providing in-home care, and supervising the work of certified nursing assistants are all standard responsibilities (CNAs). You may also be required to perform clerical duties, such as maintaining patient records and scheduling appointments.
  • An RN’s responsibilities are comparable to those of an LPN, although they can also involve doing patient examinations, preparing patient rooms, and providing healthcare education. As an RN, you can also control your unit’s budget and create goals for your nursing team. During patient evaluations, treatments, or procedures, you may also work closely with doctors.

Education and Training

  • A certificate or associate’s degree program is usually required to become an LPN. The majority of your classes will cover topics including basic nursing foundations, nutrition, surgery, neonates, anatomy, and psychology.
  • To become an RN, you’ll need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. You’ll learn about broad responsibilities, such as how to manage and practice policies, integrate patient care, and use technology to carry out your responsibilities. A master’s degree program can help you learn the management, professionalism, care practices, and evaluation skills connected with a general nurse position if you wish to become an RN who has a supervisory role in your workplace.
  • In order to work, all nurses must be licensed. The qualifications for licensure vary by state, but they usually include completing a recognized training program, performing clinical work, and passing licensing tests.

General nursing – NOTE

Continuing Education Required by some states to maintain certification
Online Availability Some coursework online; clinical and some training onsite
Work Environment Hospital, nursing home, school, doctor’s office
Similar Occupations Nursing assistant, surgical technologist, physician assistant

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