Denver College of Nursing Application 2023-2024

By | March 2, 2022

Denver College of Nursing Application 2023-2024

Denver College of Nursing Application 2023-2024

Denver College of Nursing Application

About Denver College of Nursing

  • By providing programs for students interested in nursing and other medical professions, Denver College of Nursing helps students, the nursing profession, health care organizations, clients receiving care, and society’s growing demand for qualified nurses.
  • Denver College of Nursing invests its resources in maintaining high-quality nursing programs in an atmosphere that emphasizes clinical competence across all practice areas and helps students acquire the technical and intellectual skills necessary for successful careers and lifelong learning.
  • The programs are built on general education foundations that are common to nursing education, and they all meet or surpass Colorado’s nursing education criteria.
  • The nursing programs investigate a differentiated practice model that educates students to maximize their own role development while also seeking out opportunities to learn and cooperate well with other nurses with varying educational backgrounds.
  • The programs combine holistic and traditional health care concepts, allowing students to investigate the concept of “whole-body wellness” in client treatment.
  • Adult students from the region’s economically and culturally diverse society can participate in the programs.

Denver College of Nursing Programs

Denver College of Nursing provides the following programs and services to assist and fulfill its mission:

  • Nursing programs that prepare students to apply for the national nursing license examination, if appropriate;
  • Degrees at the Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s levels that build on existing education or assist students who are new to postsecondary education.
  • Expertise and services at the ADN and BSN degree levels to assist students in achieving their goal of becoming an RN or advancing their career by earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree while continuing to work as an RN.

The college provides both on-campus and online learning opportunities.

  1. Please carefully evaluate the programs before making a decision. If a student possesses a BS or BA degree, the BSN program should be considered first to see if it satisfies the student’s educational objectives.
  2. The BSN and ADN degrees are both designed to prepare students to sit for the requisite licensing exam to practice as registered nurses. The Colorado State Board of Nursing anticipates academic disparities in material breadth and depth in the programs.
  3. Furthermore, according to the American Nurses Association (ANA), the BSN is the professional entry into practice and the ADN is the standard admission into practice. DCN offers a differentiated practice paradigm, in which BSN students receive additional instruction on the function of the BSN nurse vs the ADN nurse.

For further information on entry requirements and how to apply. go to the official website of the school.

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Denver College of Nursing Application 2023-2024

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