cpn nurse

By | April 20, 2022

cpn nurse

cpn nurse

cpn nurse

CPN nurse

  • Beyond basic RN licensing, the CPN test confirms pediatric nurses’ knowledge and skills. Eligible RNs must have completed one of two pediatric nursing experience tracks and hold a diploma, associate’s degree, BSN, MSN, or higher nursing degree.
  • For Magnet designation/redesignation, CPN is a recognized certification.
  • CPN accreditation is held by about 30,000 nurses.

CPNs work as direct caregivers, charge nurses, educators, consultants, advocates, care coordinators, and administrators, among other things. CPNs may perform the following tasks, depending on their individual role:

  • assess, analyze, plan and implement nursing interventions.
  • evaluate patient outcomes.
  • facilitate initial or ongoing education for pediatric nurses.
  • conduct research about patient outcomes or professional issues.
  • provide management or leadership for pediatric nurses.


  • CPNs work in a range of settings, providing evidence-based and family-centered treatment.
  • Children’s hospitals, community hospitals, schools, home health care, military institutions, specialist clinics, children’s special needs daycare, public health agencies, and primary care practices are just a few examples. CPNs can also work as college or university professors or as administrators in community or children’s hospitals.


  • Health promotion, acute and chronic illness management, and health restoration for newborns, children, adolescents, and their families are all part of pediatric nursing.
  • Nurses must demonstrate mastery of the content examined in the categories below in order to become certified as a CPN. See the exam material overview for additional information.
  1. Physical and Psychosocial/Family Assessment
  2. Health Promotion
  3. Management of Illness/Clinical Problems
  4. Professional Role

Benefits of CPN Certification

  • Certification makes you stand out on the job market, when you’re looking for a promotion, and when you’re looking for a new job.
  • Being certified indicates that you have specialized expertise in addition to your RN license. Better salary, increased career mobility, and acknowledgment of validated expertise by employers, coworkers, and patients and their families may all be advantages of board certification for nurses. CPN resources are available for download. View and distribute the PowerPoint.
  • New research endeavors are attempting to demonstrate the link between the certification and better patient care.
  • The Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) certificate offered by PNCB is the gold standard in the pediatric nursing field. We distinguish out because of our high-quality examinations and excellent customer service. Our board of directors and committees are made up of CPNs like you.

cpn nurse

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