convalescent care

By | May 12, 2022

convalescent care

convalescent care

convalescent care

Convalescent care – Helping Hands

  • Convalescent care is short-term assistance offered by trained caregivers in your home or in a care facility. When you’re recovering from an illness or an accident, you and your family want to know that you’re getting the best care available, which is why you should contact Helping Hands.
  • Since 1989, we’ve been helping individuals live as independently as possible in their own homes, so you can trust us when we say we’re the homecare experts. We can arrange for visiting in which one of our carers visits you at home at pre-arranged times to provide support, or we can have one of our carers live-in with you, providing you with the same high standards of care as well as around-the-clock companionship.

Where Can You Get Convalescent Care?
While convalescent care can be offered in your own home or at a residential care facility, there are numerous benefits to receiving assistance at home. Having your favorite people, pets, and assets close on a daily basis might make you feel more comfortable and boost your mood.

Who Could Benefit

  • Customers who may benefit from in-home convalescent care are those who, with assistance, will regain their complete independence over time and will eventually be able to manage without assistance. Convalescent care is for those who require temporary, short-term care in order to restore full health and return to a position where they do not require regular care.
  • This differs from respite care in that respite is frequently used when someone already has a regular caregiver, but that caregiver has had to return home due to an emergency, or when someone requires short-term care, usually for a week or two. Due to the injury or debilitation that the person is suffering from, convalescent care may be required for months; nonetheless, the person is expected to make a full recovery and return to a standard of life where permanent care is not required.

What Kind of Support Does Convalescent Care Provide?

  • Whether it’s strengthening your mobility, ensuring you consume a nutritionally balanced meal, or supporting your personal care, our caring caregivers can assist you with every part of your recovery. They can also accompany you to medical appointments and other activities away from home.
  • Helping Hands can arrange for you to receive care on a visiting or live-in basis, allowing you to maintain control over your care and choose the type of assistance that is most appropriate for you.

Caregivers for the elderly can help you with the following:

  1. Companionship
  2. Meal preparation
  3. Administering medication
  4. Incontinence care
  5. Personal care
  6. So much more

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