community health nursing

By | March 21, 2022

community health nursing

community health nursing

community health nursing

community health nursing

  • A Community Health Nurse (CHN) is a registered nurse (RN) that specializes in promoting the health of infants, children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of settings. One of the most important responsibilities of a community health nurse is to identify community health concerns and give health care to individuals who may not have access to or afford medical services.
  • Individuals’ and communities’ health, safety, and quality of life issues are addressed by CHNs through intervention plans. They may also discover health issues that affect a particular group, perform community evaluations to detect possible issues, and plan or administer health education initiatives.

What Kinds of Places Do Community Health Nurses Work?

  • Community health nurses’ daily responsibilities are determined by elements such as their location (rural or urban) and the people they serve (children, adults, or seniors).
  • Community health nurses operate in a number of venues, including clinics and hospitals, physician’s offices, community agencies, and other places that provide healthcare to the general public. Community health nurses can also be found in places like:
  1. Schools
  2. Nursing Homes and Retirement Communities
  3. Community Centers
  4. Homeless Shelters
  5. Prisons
  6. Veterans’ Facilities
  7. Outpatient and Inpatient Settings

Importance of community health nursing

  • The role of community health nursing in the healthcare system is critical. According to the CDC, 6 out of 10 persons in the United States suffer from chronic ailments and diseases acquired in the community, such as obesity, heart disease, and cancer. CHNs provide services for these disorders while also educating individuals on how to prevent them through working in the community.
  • Rural places, medically underserved populations, and economically disadvantaged communities all benefit from the work of CHNs. Many people in these locations do not have access to inexpensive healthcare or educational resources to help them stay healthy. CHNs fill this need by caring for the impoverished, uninsured, and people with limited health literacy.

Community health nursing – Responsibilities

  • Community Health Nurses (CHNs) aim to educate and empower individuals and groups to manage their own health in addition to their conventional duty of providing direct patient care in a clinical setting. They are frequently used to educate the general population about certain diseases or disorders, such as the necessity of breast cancer screening or the dangers of smoking.
  • CHNs work with other health professionals, educators, and community members to develop and implement community-wide public health projects that target social determinants of health. These nurses are a valuable resource for families, educators, and patients, and they help people understand community health issues better.

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