cna week

By | May 10, 2022

cna week

cna week

cna week

CNA week – History

  • Around the time of World War I, the certified nursing assistant profession was established. There was a considerable demand for care for wounded soldiers around this period in 1914. The American Red Cross established volunteer nursing aide services in response to the high need for treatment. These initial CNAs worked alongside army nurses in hospitals across the reserves, bases, and even civilian hospitals, treating soldiers and filling open posts. CNAs were acknowledged and praised for the first time for their grit and courage as caretakers and advocates for their patients.
  • CNAs were often called to action during the next 60 years, demonstrating their passion and commitment to their profession. People soon understood how important CNAs are, which led to the creation of CNA Week.
  • Since 1977, certified nursing assistants have enjoyed a national day of recognition. The celebrations continue for a week after this particular day.

CNA Week: 4 Ways to Celebrate

  • There are numerous ways to honor CNAs and demonstrate your appreciation. Recognizing your staff for their efforts will not only show them that you appreciate them, but it can also increase morale. CNAs can be given gratitude in a variety of ways. Patients and family members can demonstrate it as well as employees and managers.
  • Always Value Their Work. You can start by treating your CNAs with respect on a daily basis. It’s critical to recognize the difficult work they do and to find methods to express your appreciation. You are also raising standards and improving employee attitudes by doing so. A simple “thank you” can make a big difference!
  • Make CNA Week an all-facility event.
    You can demonstrate your thanks to your employees by inviting everyone to your facility. Take this week to boast about your team and the fantastic job they perform. This can be accomplished by purchasing balloons, “thank you” cards, cakes, or other workplace gifts. You can also display posters or create social media and newspaper adverts to highlight some of your CNAs’ hard work.

    Special lunch events during work hours, extended lunch breaks, and even giveaways are all methods to raise morale and express appreciation for your employees.

  • Recognize each CNA on their own.
    Who are these amazing individuals who contribute so much every day? Take a minute to express your gratitude to them in front of everyone, or meet with them directly if time allows. It’s usually a good idea to acknowledge each individual.

CNA week ahead

Every year in June, CNA Week is held. It begins on the second full week’s Thursday and lasts for seven days. The following are the official dates for CNA Week in the coming years:

  • 2021: June 17th-23rd
  • 2022: June 16-22
  • 2023: June 15-21
  • 2024: June 13-19
  • 2025: June 12-18

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