Cabarrus College of Health Sciences Application 2023-2024

By | March 14, 2022

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences Application 2023-2024

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences Application 2023-2024

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences Application

About Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

  • Our name is self-explanatory. Cabarrus College of Health Sciences is located in Cabarrus, North Carolina. All we do is provide healthcare education.
  • We’ve grown from a small nursing school founded in 1942 to a thriving educational institution with degrees in six health-related fields. Whether you’re new to healthcare or already working and looking to enhance your career, we have a program to match your needs. We offer one-year diplomas, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, as well as part-time and online alternatives. While you’re here and after you graduate, you’ll learn from skilled instructors who give personalized training and are dedicated to helping you achieve.
  • You’ll learn in an immersive, professional healthcare atmosphere that symbolizes quality and gives unequaled, real-life experience at our state-of-the-art campus, which is located on the grounds of Atrium Health Cabarrus.
  • Our students have passed licensure and certification exams at a rate of 95 percent or higher across the board, greatly above state and national standards, and 90 percent of them are working in healthcare within six months of graduation.
  • Simply said, Cabarrus College is the place where people’s lives and professions begin.

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences Programs

  • Nursing – Master of Science (CIP 51.3802)
  • Nursing – Bachelor of Science (RN to BSN) (CIP 51.3801)
  • Nursing – Associate of Science (CIP 51.3801)
  • Biomedical Sciences (CIP 26.0102)
  • Community Health and Wellness (CIP 51.2208)
  • Health Sciences Leadership and Development (CIP 51.0799)
  • Medical Assistant – Associate Degree (CIP 51.0801)
  • Medical Assistant – Diploma
  • Medical Imaging – Bachelor’s Degree (CIP 51.0000)
  • Certificate in CT (CIP 51.0911)
  • Certificate in MRI (CIP 51.0920)
  • Occupational Therapy Master’s Degree (CIP 51.2306)
  • Occupational Therapy – OTA-to-OT Bridge Program [Combined Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Studies (CIP 30.9999) and Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy (CIP 51.2306)]
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant – Associate Degree (CIP 51.0803)
  • Surgical Technology – Associate Degree (CIP 51.0909)
  • Life Sciences – Associate Degree (CIP 24.0102)
  • Pre-Nursing Track

Application requirement

  • An official transcript showing completion of a bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited program
  • Evidence of a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all post-secondary coursework
  • A current unencumbered, active license to practice as an RN
  • Two (2) professional references on the college Reference Form
  • Statistics course (Clinical Leadership Track ONLY)


Your program of choice may have a different set of entry requirements.

How to apply

  • Access the application process here
  • Continue as instructed
  • Fill the application forms and submit it

Contact details

  • or 704-403-1613
  • or 704-403-3507

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Cabarrus College of Health Sciences Application 2023-2024

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