acute care nurse practitioner

By | May 9, 2022

acute care nurse practitioner

acute care nurse practitioner

acute care nurse practitioner

acute care nurse practitioner

  • Advanced practice registered nurses who specialize in caring for patients with new acute conditions or aggravated chronic conditions are known as acute care nurse practitioners. ACNPs operate in a range of settings, including hospital emergency rooms, urgent-care clinics, and operating rooms, and may specialize in either adults or children. Unlike family nurse practitioners, ACNPs do not provide primary care to patients throughout their lives.
  • ACNPs assist patients with acute illnesses in improving their overall health. In addition to serving patients, becoming an ACNP may provide nurses with the opportunity to advance their clinical leadership abilities, pursue a high-growth professional field, boost their income potential, and become more integrated into interdisciplinary health care teams.

ACNPs – Responsibilities and Roles

It’s crucial to understand what will be required of you in the workplace before pursuing a career as an ACNP.

Acute care nurse practitioners are responsible for taking patient histories and physical examinations, ordering lab tests, diagnosing and treating patients with acute conditions, prescribing medications and other therapies, stabilizing critical-care patients, performing bedside procedures, and collaborating with patients’ health care teams to manage patient care, among other things. Depending on their job and the needs of their patients, ACNPs may be required to work nights or weekends.

Career Options

There are a number of specialties ACNPs can pursue, including pediatrics, adult-gerontology, and emergency care.

  • Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (PNP-AC)PNP-ACs care for acutely, critically, and chronically ill children, from newborns through age 21. They can work in pediatric emergency departments, community clinics, pediatric intensive care units, etc.
  • Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AG-ACNP)AG-ACNPs provide care for adult and elderly patients with acute illnesses, severe injuries, or exacerbated chronic conditions. They often work in inpatient hospital environments and emergency rooms.
  • Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP): ENPs are advanced practice registered nurses who specialize in emergency care. They usually work in emergency departments and other urgent-care settings.

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